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Aaron Green, CEO of StruggleMadeMe and StrugglemadeUS, graduated from Cathedral High School and University of Alabama- Birmingham. Mr. Green has served and supported systems-impacted youth and their families for almost a decade. He is also the co-host of a mental health-centered podcast, “The Brotherhood Unveiling.” Mr. Green is the creator of Struggle University, which is a program that assists participants with identifying trauma, learning coping skills, and promoting a journey of healing. Aaron Green has spoken to thousands of youth and adults throughout Indianapolis. He currently resides in Indianapolis with his wife and children.

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Note from Aaron Green

CEO – Struggle Made Us a 501c3

My name is Aaron Green and I am the CEO of Struggle Made Us, a grassroots organization that focuses on social and emotional development, encourages the creation and strengthening of social capital, and supporting educational equity through mentoring and restorative practices. One of our critical programs includes Struggle University, which specifically focuses on creating spaces to identify past and current trauma, explore individual and collective ways of healing, and build collective efficacy through building rapport and connection. My purpose for connecting with you today is to request your support through possible sponsorship and/or collaboration. Struggle University is an important opportunity for the at-promise youth* that we serve as it enables them to have a space to grow and be provided the opportunity to overcome their obstacles.

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Indianapolis, Indiana United States