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Register Your Youth


If you are interested in your youth getting involved, please fill out the form below and we will contact you. We look forward to having your youth in our program.

A 6 Week Program

Overview: We will build community by healing together through the creation of safe spaces, communicating our traumas, and exploring how to navigate through them. In a group setting, we will form a brotherhood that will allow us to hold each other accountable and rely on these established connections as motivation during our most challenging moments. Struggle University will strive to manifest healing by utilizing the community as vital resource in that process.

1 week - Onboarding, team building, building rapport

2 weeks - Identifying Trauma, Identifying what harmful things we normalize in our communities

3 weeks - Healing and finding coping skills that work for us

Graduation with Ceremony

The Follow Up

Once a week there will be a motivational text message and challenges sent to the cohorts.  After graduation, participants will have the opportunity to be trained to become facilitators to ensure that we can run multiple cohorts at the same time to extend the work.

Twice a year we will gather for a meal/ ceremony so that each cohort can meet each other. We will do a mental health check, fellowship, network, build community, and have an open forum to address community needs.

+1 317 828 8905