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General Questions

How often are cohorts?

Community cohorts start once a month at different dates. Check the Events Page.

How long are meetings?

Two hours a week for six weeks.

How is the program funded?

We utilize outside charitable fundraising to ensure the participants are free. Donate today!

What is Struggle University?

It is a 6 week mental health mentorship program where we explore normalized trauma and identify healing.

Who is the program for?

Black and brown youth ages 10-18.

Is it just for boys?

No we are starting girl cohorts as well.

Struggle University Key Concepts

Struggle University was created to serve as a safe space for people of color to learn how to process their emotions in a healthy and supportive environment. In order to accomplish this, we want to guarantee that all participants feel heard, affirmed, and welcomed into this space. Struggle University stands by its core values of accountability, self-awareness, renewal, and inclusion. In order to maintain these values, Struggle University believes in affirming the whole human and the intersection of each participant’s identity.

  • Identifying Trauma
  • Repairing by Learning
  • Healing with Intention

Call for Support

+1 317 828 8905